Project Description

Audience response systems such as iClicker have been successfully applied in classrooms to enhance the learning, engagement, and participation of students. Although the dedicated response device is easy to use, a few issues prevent it from being adopted at a larger scale: 1) students have to purchase and remember to bring the device to classrooms; 2) the device is not flexible to support a diverse range of questions (e.g., iClicker only support questions with a maximum of 5 answer options); 3) the device does not support two-way interactions (e.g., the device cannot receive feedbacks). To address these issues, we have built a web-based response system that can be directly used in any of the mobile devices or computers. Instructors are enabled to customize questions, view real-time response status, and send feedbacks to students.

This project is funded by the SPICE Grant (Special Projects for Improving the Classroom Environment) at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.