SoftComer Wins Boeing Computer Science Scholarship 2016

Congratulations to the SoftCom member – Zach Kysar on winning the Boeing Computer Science Scholarship in 2016. Boeing has been sponsoring this prestigious scholarship with Computer Science Department at Cal Poly Pomona since 2014. Zach’s extraordinary technical talent and academic performance, consistent contribution to the department as a student tutor, and the service to the local communities as a CS outreach team leader, helped him to win this scholarship. In Winter 2015, Zach won a Google Grant – IgniteCS ($7,400) to lead college students to promote computer science education.

Zach Winning Boeing Scholarship 2016

Zach Kysar Winning Boeing Scholarship 2016

Zach is going to intern in Sony San Francisco office in Summer 2016. He is expected to graduate in Winter 2017. For more about Zach, please visit:

IgniteCS Finishes at Diamond Ranch High School

Over the past 5 weeks, members of Softcom Lab have actively administered a Android class at Diamond Ranch High School Learn More. Last Friday, this program finished its last lesson for the quarter. Looking back at the start of IgniteCS there are many things we have learned about teaching computer science and many things we’ve improved with our program. Here’s a summary of the lessons that we covered over the quarter:



  1. (July 22, 2016) Week 1: Today the class built a soundboard app. They were introduced to the basic concepts of App Inventor and explored the different configurations that they could use to create their app. Learn More
  2. (July 29, 2016) Week 2: The class learnt about conditional statements and variables today by creating a quiz based app. Learn More
  3. (May 06, 2016) Week 3: To explore some of the more advanced concepts of the computer science, the class built a group messaging app. Learn More
  4. (May 13, 2016) Week 4: Seeing a lot of interest in game development among the class, the ignite team created a game development lesson. Learn More
  5. (May 20, 2016) Week 5: For the last lesson of Ignite, students built a decryption app to explore the concepts of basic cryptography using a simple substitution cipher. Learn More


Overall a great success for the first of many IgniteCS programs at Softcom Lab. Great Work Zach Kysar, Isaac Siegel, Dave Luk, Zach Rank, and Anthony Graca!

Mobile App Programming Summer Camp by SoftCom Lab Team

With the recent success on the CS Ignite event offered by SoftCom Lab team, a new summer camp has been initiated and offered by the same team in the coming summer for all high school students. The camp will be 4-day long, hosted in Computer Science Department at Cal Poly Pomona, teaching mobile app programming using MIT App Inventor. Students will create and build their own apps, publish and share the apps to their parents and friends. For more information, please visit camp website:

Mobile App Programming Summer Camp offered by SoftCom Lab, Computer Science Department at Cal Poly Pomona

Mobile App Programming Summer Camp offered by SoftCom Lab, Computer Science Department at Cal Poly Pomona


SoftCom Lab Wins ITC 2016, Web Dev Bracket

SoftCom Lab’s team won the Web Development bracket of the 2016 Information Technology Competition. On Saturday, April 16th, the team demoed to a panel of judges including Cal Poly Faculty, and a Software Engineer from Ticketmaster.

Competing against 2 other Cal Poly Pomona teams, and one team from Reedley College, SoftCom Lab won 1st place, netting a prize of $1000.


Technologies used to build

The team: Isaac Siegel, Zach Kysar, and Camille Nibungco developed the winning Web Application in 10 days, found at They focused on not only satisfying the requirements of the case study, but also adding the robustness and scalability demanded by today’s industries. The team fully utilized technologies such as MongoDB and AngularJS to ensure their solution remained performant, both during and beyond the demo.

Read more about the project here:

SoftCom Lab Teaches Android with Google IgniteCS

Through a collaboration with Google IgniteCS, the team members of SoftCom Lab created an after school program for local High Schools. Over the course of several weekly classes, the students leaders of CPPIgnite teach high school students the basics of computer science through various applications.


CPPIgnite’s Landing page found at

During its first term, CPPIgnite has collaborated with Diamond Ranch High School to bring Computer Science to the youth of Pomona. Using a program created by MIT called App Inventor 2, students of Diamond Ranch learn the basics of Android Development while exploring the basics of Computer Science.

Taken from the first session of CPPIgnite at Diamond Ranch High School Zach Kysar, Isaac Siegel, Zach Rank, and Dave Luk teach kids about App Inventor

Zach Kysar, Isaac Siegel, Zach Rank, and Dave Luk teach kids at Diamond Ranch

The students are having fun, the teachers are having, CPPIgnite is proving to be a very exciting program with lots of room for growth from students of Cal Poly and members of Softcom Lab.

SoftCom Lab Competes in ITC 2016

SoftCom Lab formed a team to compete in this year’s Information Technology Competition, Web Development bracket. Teams are assigned a list of requirements to complete in a 10 day time span. The team: Isaac Siegel, Zach Kysar, and Camille Nibungco worked to create a browser based web service to exceed the requirements, using industry grade practices and technologies.

JobWellDone Home

The team created, a service that matches clients with service providers. JobWellDone is a single page application that emphasizes scalability though efficient use of MongoDB. Read more about the project here.

Next weekend, the team will present the finished product to a panel of judges. They are competing against other teams to win a $1000 cash prize.