SoftCom Lab’s team won the Web Development bracket of the 2016 Information Technology Competition. On Saturday, April 16th, the team demoed to a panel of judges including Cal Poly Faculty, and a Software Engineer from Ticketmaster.

Competing against 2 other Cal Poly Pomona teams, and one team from Reedley College, SoftCom Lab won 1st place, netting a prize of $1000.


Technologies used to build

The team: Isaac Siegel, Zach Kysar, and Camille Nibungco developed the winning Web Application in 10 days, found at They focused on not only satisfying the requirements of the case study, but also adding the robustness and scalability demanded by today’s industries. The team fully utilized technologies such as MongoDB and AngularJS to ensure their solution remained performant, both during and beyond the demo.

Read more about the project here: